Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Heading to South Africa...

The last couple of days have all blended together with visiting, final goodbyes, plenty of tears, a final lunch of Sushi and a wonderful setting apart on Monday night by President Webb. Josh will be in good hands as he serves the people in South Africa.

His Dad became his companion until the airport. I think he was delighted to serve in a 12 hour mission with Josh.

This morning we got up early and took Josh to the Salt Lake airport. Not knowing what to expect, I think we were all delighted that a group of LDS missionaries were gathering... all headed for the long trip to South Africa. Some of these young men may be his companions in the coming two years. I felt so relieved that he wasn't alone, it helped in saying goodbye. We came home and crashed... adjustment time. For Josh, his adventure begins today.

Kelsie's sisters and brothers, along with Larry & I made her a countdown chain for each week... every chain is filled with an activity that one of us can do with her :)

Josh & his Grandma, I don't think anyone is more proud

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