Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21. 2012

Hello All,
This week has been a good one so far. We had the chance to go to the temple again. I don't know what was different this time exactly, but I learned a lot more than I have in past visits. I love going to the temple, but the temples back home are a lot nicer I think.
We taught a ton of lessons this week. It has been crazy. However, it is also kind of sad. We've gained around 35 new investigators since we've been here, and yet only 2 of them can really be considered progressing. Almost none of them will keep any sort of commitment, even though every one of them will swear up and down that they will do anything that you ask them. I know it's not the biggest problem that we could have, but it's still getting annoying. We have taught more lessons this week than I ever have in a single week before though.
Other than that though, not anything has really happened. It's just the normal story of getting ditched by a ton of our appointments. Even the most promising ones. It's ok though.
If anyone has sent me anything recently, I may not get it. The postal workers are striking and burning mail and stuff in my area, so I don't know how much is getting through right now.
Anyway, I love you all and miss you more than anything in the world. Be good.
Peace out. 
Elder Balmforth

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