Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7. 2012

Hello All,
This week was a pretty interesting one. First of all I found a place that sells Dr. Pepper and it was awesome to taste America again. Probably one of the highlights of the week.
We have picked up a ton of investigators this week, and the best part about it is that they are almost all ysa age men, which is good  because the mission goal is establishing the church in Africa right now. And that is mainly done by baptizing potential priesthood holders. The names of the people we have begun to teach this week are: Terrance, Kagiso, Winnie, Reggie and a few others, including some father led families.
The most interesting story though is how I met Reggie. It happened when I saw a kid on a skateboard (which doesn't happen too often in township), and I asked him if I could try it since I use to skate a lot. As I was playing around on it the friend of the guy whose board I was using approached me and started talking to us. It was awesome because not only did we pick up an awesome investigator (he's planning to be baptized on the 17th of June), but I found out that I can still kick flip, heel flip and some other things (all the while in dress shoes). The only bad thing that came of it is that I ended up breaking the board and having to give the kid money for a new one.
Elder Peterson and I also got to go to Sandton and see the Wiggill book launch. The people who were hosting it were freaking loaded. The house was massive and they have their own private pool, tennis courts and tons of other stuff. It was awesome though. I was in the spotlight for a while while Theo introduced me as the one who had come from the furthest away. We met some cool people, and even though we didn't really proselyte at all, now when my distant cousins think of their ancestors they'll think of mormon missionaries. Or vise versa, or however you spell that. Hopefully we at least planted some seeds.
Finally, today we just barely came from a Lion and Rhino park near our area. It was awesome. I was able to go in and actually play with lion and tiger cubs. It was cool but they ended up tearing holes in my shoes and jeans. Those things are only a couple of months old, but they're strong and hurt. But now I can say that I've been bitten by a lion before, which I don't believe many people can say.
Over all this week has been pretty awesome. I have been sick the past few days though which really sucks. Especially when I'm walking all over the place and trying to talk to people with an upset stomach and a sore throat. It's ok though. I think I'm getting over it. It's like day 3 now so it shouldn't last much longer.
We were also supposed to be having a baptism for a girl who was progressing before we got here, but she has to go in for a second interview by our mission president for some reason. It's not anything bad though.
That was the week though. It's still hard to keep going, but I'm having fun too. I love and miss you all. Thanks for everything.
Keep on keepin' on..
Peace out,
Elder Balmforth

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