Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3. 2012

Hello Family and Others,
This week has been pretty relaxed. It has rained a lot which is kind of lame, but compared to the scorching heat is ok I guess.
Elder Parry and I have been doing really well over the last week with teaching and finding people. We have two more people planning to be baptized this Sunday. Desmond and Mpho. Then a couple more for the beginning of next month. Solomon and Orlena. I'm pretty excited. Being able to see the fruit of your Labors is awesome.
We had mission tour this week where we heard from from Elder Dale Renlund of the Seventy. It was pretty cool and I learned a lot. I'm glad that I was able to participate.
I've still been reading the old testament. It's really ridiculous. Sometimes I wonder why we consider it scripture. Anyway, not much else really exciting really happened. I'm super excited to be able to talk with everyone this Christmas though.
I love and miss you all.
Elder Balmforth

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