Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24.2013

Monday has come again. I'm really happy that this week has passed relatively quickly. I'm living for the p days.
This week was a good one though. We had a baptism this week for a girl that my companion began teaching before I arrived here in Lenyenye. It went through really smoothly which was nice. The branch handled it much nicer than I have seen in previous areas. The branch mission leader actually handled most of it which was awesome.
We've been doing a lot of trying to find new people this week and we're making plans to do a lot more this next week also. We've also had a couple of opportunities to so do some service which was nice. Slowly but surely, each week we get the area sorted out a little bit more. 
I'm about to start my Doctrine & Covenants countdown. I think I start on Friday, reading a section a day for 138 days until I'm home. Crazy right?
We'll there's not much else to say. This upcoming week looks pretty uneventful as well.
I love and miss you all though. Happy Birthday this week Sheri!
Elder Balmforth

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