Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1. 2013

This is now the last week of the transfer. I think everyone is staying where they are though. That means only three left though.
This week was an interesting one. We began by seeing the only tame wild hippo in the world. We were able to touch it, feed in and I even kissed it. And it was a girl hippo. I kissed a girl on mission. Look at that.
This week we did a ton of finding this week. Not a whole lot of fruit, but what fruit there is, is sweet. We'll see this week though if all of our labors paid off. I sure hope so. 
We've been trying to do a lot of service to escape from the world of tracting and we've had some interesting experiences because of it. We've been helping this recently converted woman whose name is Sister Violet to clear a field so she can plant some crops. Elder Pedersen have cleared almost an acre and created furrows and everything by hand with just a couple of broken garden tools. It's fun though. 
We also tried to find some community service ideas by going to the magistrate court and the police station and speaking to the higher ups that didn't lead us anywhere. One of the police captains told us to come the following day and help with something they were doing at the community hall, so we showed up and just ended up listening to a bunch of people from other churches rant for almost two hours about rape in a language I didn't understand. I understood the motions they were making though which were a little disturbing.
We did have a baptism this Sunday. A man named Kenny and the confirmation of the girl we baptized last week. The week was really long. I thought it would never end, but looking back it was a good one.
I love and miss you all and hope all is well at home. See you all in 19 weeks.
Elder Balmforth

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