Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5. 2112 Another Week Gone

Hello Again,
This week was much better than the last, and much more fun too.
On Tuesday we found a township in our area and biked there to do some
contacting. I don't know how well any of our contacts will turn out,
but at least it was a fun change from the normal day to day we usually
have here in Alberton. We ate Kota which is basically a hollowed out
loaf of bread filled with russian and vienna sausage, chips (fries),
palony and cheese. It was awesome, but you can only get it in the
townships because white people really don't eat it. It was awesome
though, and cheap. We also were able to actually knock on peoples
doors and teach lessons right after meeting someone. That never
happens in our area. It felt nice to talk to humble people. The longer
I'm here, the more I hate white people. It's a good thing I'm only
half white, or I'd hate myself i think. The township's name is
Thinasonke, and it was way fun. I raced this kid on my bike, while he
was running and I swear he could have been in the Olympics. He was
keeping up with me and I was actually going way fast and trying not to
lose. It was crazy. The townships are the coolest part of this place
except for the smell. They're just full of sewage, and rotting animal
flesh that people just dump on the sides of the street. I'd send
pictures, but the computer I'm on, I'm pretty sure is infected with
some crazy virus and I don't want to ruin another camera so I'll send
them at a later time.
We taught the Wiesners (the afrikaans couple) again this week so that
Elder Blake could say goodbye to them. They're still very set in their
ways, even though the husband is now reading through Mormon and will
probably finish the entire BofM shortly. I've neevr met more stubborn
people than the Afrikaaners. It was nice to see them though. They're
nice even though they're crazy. I got a couple of pictures with them
too, so I'll send them later.
We went on exchanges again this week, but I stayed in Alberton which
was pretty lame. I did witness a guy pulling a trailer turn too sharp
and flip the trailer right in front of me though which was pretty
cool. It's good that I wasn't any further ahead of where I was though
or it would have landed on top of me.
They also have a ton of wild birds here that look like Peacocks
without the long tails all over the place. I threw a dirt clump at one
and pegged it right in the head. I'm usually a horrible aim, so I
don't know how it happened. I thought I killed it for a minute, but it
eventually flew away. It was kinda sad and funny at the same time,
because I really didn't think I would hit it.
Yvonne (Jessica's mother) we baptized this week, and I'll be
confirming her next week. It was really an awesome day and I love them
so much. And they actually care about us which is nice to see once in
a while. Not many people here even think of us as people, so it was
We had to fill the baptismal faunt on Saturday part way because it
takes like 5.5-6 hours to fill all the way, so while we were waiting
at the chapel for it to fill, we taught an awesome Plan of Salvation
lesson to a man named Andrew who is going to be baptized on the 25th.
We did some awesome illustrations on the chalk board too, if I do say
so myself. And I do.
Other than that, not much happened again this week. We spent a lot of
time doing stuff that just needed to be done that wasn't really
missionary work. I did get to talk to the Mission President which was
awesome. I want to be like him someday. He's one of the nicest people
I know. He's probably very close to being translated.
Anyway. I love you all, and am so thankful for all of your support and
letters. I hope you all have an awesome week.
Elder Balmforth

I forgot to mention that transfers are tomorrow. Pray for me that I
get a good compantion.
Peace out

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