Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2. 2012

Hello Again,
This letter is going to be very short, because nothing has happened at all really this week. We set up a lot of appointments, and like usual, most of them cancelled. Because of that, we got to spend a lot of time tracting, which is much much less fun than it doesn't sound. But it's ok. We did meet some very good people, which outweigh the horrible mean people we met that I never want to see again in my life. It's strange to me how people can be so mean to a couple of missionaries.
It really was a good week overall though. I'm just trying to come up with a response for when people tell me "I don't want to waste your time, I've already been saved,' or "I respect what you do, but I'm not interested. I wish you luck." If I wasn't a representative of the Lord, I would probably have some pretty rude replies. It's ok though.
Other than that, nothing has happened. We had a couple of dinner appointments with some awesome families in the branch this week which was a nice change of pace from our usual daily mini-marathon in dress clothes. It's also gotten pretty cold here this last week because we're heading into winter, and no one here has heating, they all just put up with the cold for a few months until it gets hot again. It is really cold though. I had to sleep with my sweatshirt on last night under my blanket which I never expected to happen in Africa.
I'm sorry that nothing incredibly interesting has happened for me to write about this week. The Church is still true. I love and miss all of you. Have an awesome week. Thanks for all of the emails.
Elder Balmforth

 This a teaching aid that one of the Elders in my zone drew 
and gave me a copy of. I think it's pretty cool.

I just thought this was a cool picture that I took in our area 
one night while on our way to an appointment.

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