Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27. 2012

Hello everyone,
So I finally got transferred!.. Now I'm right in the middle of Soweto. There are a ton of different areas in Soweto because it's like the biggest township in all of South Africa, but I'm in Soweto, Soweto which is like the original ward here. It's way cool, the chapel we use is a stake center so it's huge and nice and we have a relatively functional ward which is nice too. I also have a car in this area, but only half the time. The other half I'm on bikes again, which I forgot how much it sucks to in dress clothes. It's OK though.
My companion's name is Elder Hansen, and he's from Norway. He's a pretty cool kid, except that he's not from America. Yes, I make fun of him for that a lot.
That's the good stuff about the area, but it feels as though I'm almost starting over in my last area again because there is like no teaching pool at all, and my companion doesn't know anyone in the ward even though he's been here 3 months already. It's basically like we're white washing it. I really have no idea what the missionaries here before were doing. The area book is horrible too. It's a little  frustrating. We'll see what we can do though.
We have made contact with some pretty awesome father led families though. We've yet to teach them, but I have hope for them. We're also shifting our approach from just tracting and contacting to work with the families in the ward more (as we begin to figure out who some of the members actually are). We'll probably come in contact with less people, but I think the people we do find will be stronger. Plus, I'll get fed more. I'm determined to have an area where I get fed a lot, so I'm working on it.
Sorry for not sending anymore pictures, I forgot my camera today. But, I do love and miss you all. Thank you for all the emails.
Peace out.
Elder Balmforth

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