Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19. 2012

Hello Everyone,
This week was way awesome. I got a new companion, his name is Elder Parry. He's been out 9 months and is from Seattle. He's really funny and he looks like a rosy cheeked little boy even though he's 20 he still looks like he's 5. But man, it's so nice to have a companion from my home country again. I love it. It's also awesome to have someone who is willing to pull some of the load of the area. I love it. 
We had a broadcast stake conference yesterday which was really cool. We got to hear from Elder Christopherson and President Monson. It was really inspiring. It's weird how I can love those men so much, even though I've never met them in my life. I want to be like them. I love the way they use the words of so many different authors and poets to give variety to their teaching. I think it's so cool and it makes me never want to watch tv again and just read. Someday I'll have time to do that. It was awesome. I absolutely love hearing from the brethren.
Next week we're going to be baptizing an awesome lady named Patience Monyethabeng. She's the coolest lady and is so converted. Her children are still small but she already wants them to serve missions. It's really sad that her husband isn't interested because he's a really nice guy and could be a powerful member. I'm looking forward to her baptism though. It should be awesome. We've got another small family, a mother and 21 year old son named Orlena and Solomon who are awesome. They love the Book of Mormon and they loved the church, they haven't committed to a baptism date yet, but I have faith that they will. 
Remember my love for each of you. I can't wait to see you in less than a year.
Elder Balmforth

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