Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26.2012

Hello everyone,
This was the least eventful thanksgiving I've ever had. Actually I forgot that it was even thanksgiving until like half way through the day. At least in the mtc they made dinner for us. I don't remember what I had but it was probably something like cereal this time. It's all good though. At least I'll be home for the next one.
I can hardly believe that I've been here for more than a year now. How crazy is that. I'm more than half way done. Day to day feels like forever, but looking back and seeing that a whole year has gone by is crazy. 
This week has been crazy hot. I feel like the end of a wrestling practice everyday because I'm sweating so much throughout the day. It's gotten a little bit cooler though because it's rained a ton the last few days. 
I ate Ox head this week. It was horrible. Worst meat ever.
The mail strike is finally over so I got a ton of mail this last week which was awesome. 
Also we had a baptism. Her name is Patience Thandi Monyethabeng. I baptized her. She is so powerful. Her program didn't go exactly as planned but she bore the most powerful testimony ever. So much better than so many of the people who have been members their whole life. It was so heart felt and she's excited for callings and for her children to go on missions someday. She wants to go on one with her husband when he comes around someday too. It was awesome.
Anyway. That's about it. It was a good week. Elder Parry is awesome.
I love and miss you a ton.
Elder Balmforth

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