Monday, July 8, 2013

June 8. 2013

We have reached the end of another transfer this week. Everyone around me is staying put though. I'm happy to be with Elder Pedersen though.
It was a good week this week. Not terribly interesting though. Elder Pedersen became really sick on Wednesday this week so we spend all day at home. I did a lot of reading.
We had dinner at Elder and Sister Smith's on Friday. They are a senior couple from California that work in Tzaneen. They made awesome American food. I miss food from home. I've been thinking of restaurants all week that I want to eat at when I get home. I am so sick of KFC. When we are in black areas it's all they have though. It's a little ridiculous. But when you gotta eat you gotta eat. Although I don't think I'll eat there ever again once I'm back.
One of the African Elders that we live with and I had a pretty big argument. It was silly but it was really making me mad that they spend all of our prep time in the morning to shower themselves leaving my companion and I nothing so we end up getting to our study late. I may have yelled. But I apologized and our relationship with the other missionaries has actually been a lot better since my little blow up. Funny how that works sometimes.
We also had the confirmation of Kenny, the man we baptised last week. It went very smoothly. He's a really good guy.
Other than that we've just been tracting and trying not to bash with people. People around here are just looking for a fight sometimes. They hear weird things, like that we drink blood and eat children and they actually believe it. It's hard for me to believe how stupid people can be sometimes. But whatever.
I fished the new testament and now am getting back into the old. Should be an adventure. 
I love and miss you all. Happy 4th.
Elder Balmforth

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