Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2. 2012

Hello All,
This week was actually a really uneventful one. We are still cycling through so many people it isn't even funny. It's pretty frustrating too. People just don't seem to understand what we are telling them. I mean, I don't expect to believe the message of the restoration right off the bat, but for some reason no matter how much we explain it. They just don't seem to grasp it. It's ridiculous. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills sometimes. We explain it in a way that children could understand, I guess they much not be really listening. We're basically explaining that 1+1=2, then asking them 1+1=?, and they say 3 even though we just told them the answer and are basically holding up a massive sign with a giant 2 on it saying "The answer is 2, say 2, look at the giant sign that says 2!!!"
Anyway, that is what I'm struggling with right now. We have met some families this week that seem to have a lot of potential which is awesome, I just hope that they don't ditch us before we get the chance to actually sit down and speak with them. I am grateful for all of your prayers this week. I really need them, and so does the area. This area is super small compared to most of the areas in the mission, and it's really old so like everyone knows who the missionaries are, and a lot of them I think gossip and pass around rumors about the church, and since the area is so small and secluded, it is making the work really hard here. We're still plugging along though.
The people we have on date for baptisms seem to really be interested though. I really wish that we could find a family that is ready and willing to hear the gospel. I want to teach a family so they will have a support system. There are tons of single inactive people on the branch list, because without the support of a family, their friends eventually drag them down. It kind of makes sense why the gospel is so family oriented, and why all of Satan's power is aimed at destroying families. 
Sorry about no pictures. Nothing is really happening that is interesting.
I love and miss you all though, and am grateful for all that you do, and the great people you are. We really are blessed being from where we are and having the gospel in our lives. Being here is making me start to think before I complain (which I am working on, but is still a lot), about my problems and say "is this a first or a third world problem I am having right now.
Have an awesome week.
Elder Balmforth

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