Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4. 2013

Overall, this week was a good one. Especially the time not spent with my companion. Just kidding... But seriously though, it's true. He is crazy prideful, which is odd because he spends an absurd amount of time reading the Book of Mormon. It just doesn't make sense to me. Anyway, this week the work picked up quite a bit, and we had a couple of crazy experiences. First, I paid some guy to come and pile up all the dead branches and garbage and everything else we could find around our house into a couple of big piles and then we set them on fire. The flames were higher than the top of the house, and the heat was so intense that it almost melted Elder Hansen's camera as he was filming the experience from the roof top. It was awesome. Only in Botswana could we do stuff like that and have nobody look at us strange or ask any questions. It was awesome.
Also, while the guy was piling up stuff in the yard, we found a baby black mamba, and a millipede that was like a half an inch thick and almost a foot long. We caught them and put them in a container together and the millipede killed the snake. It was crazy.
I went on exchange with a missionary in my district named Elder Ouma. He's awesome. He's from Kenya but he's hilarious and we spend a lot of the time that we are together in our flat wrestling. I totally win of course.
We met this awesome family this week. Their name is the Odhiambo family, and they're from Kenya. They're pretty awesome. I hope it goes well. Our first visit went really well and they're excited to read the Book of Mormon. 
I love and miss you all and hope you have an awesome week. 
Elder Balmforth

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