Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15. 2012

Hello Everyone,
This week was a good one so far. We did have a family drop us though. It was pretty sad. Actually really sad. But it's ok. We should have a couple of new families that we will be teaching that seem promising also. I hope it goes well with them.
Conference was awesome. I didn't do as well at preparing for it and coming with questions as I should have. It was still awesome though. I remember when I was small hating conference, and being forced to sit and watch it. But now it's probably the highlight of the last couple of months. It's funny how things like that change. I'm glad that I'm not a Leopard, or I would still hate it. I learned a ton. I do miss watching it at home on the couch though. Spending like 14 hours at the chapel in a single weekend isn't very much fun. On the bright side, however, we did have some investigators that attended the Sunday morning session with us. And we even found some new people to teach that came and seemed really interested. A ton more people showed up than did the last conference too.
We taught some really good lessons this last week and found some pretty awesome people. This week is looking promising as well. I have my interviews with President Omer on Wednesday as well which I am really looking forward to. He's really an awesome guy, and talking to him is the coolest experience ever. He just makes you feel better no matter what's going on. He and his family are awesome.
I'm super excited for the 25 though. That's the day that Elder Holland is going to come and do a Zone conference for all of the Joburg missionaries. It's going to be awesome even though he's incredibly intimidating.
I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for the gospel in my life. Think of how fortunate we all are to have a living prophet and apostles to lead and guide us today. It's so awesome. There are so many blessings that come along with membership in the kingdom, but the greatest is that we have the truth. And it is the truth.
I love and miss you all and hope that you each have an awesome week an a new found resolve to be happy and to love the Lord.
Peace out.
Elder Balmforth 

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