Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8. 2012

This last week has been crazy and awesome. With good and bad, but mostly good.
Transfer meeting was this week. Elder Hansen left to the zone that I was part of in my first area. My new companion is a guy from Kenya named Elder Anyoso. He's pretty cool, and we get along really well (except when he's driving). The area has picked up a lot since he has come here. We taught almost double our normal lessons and picked up a couple of new promising families. I really hope that it goes well. We also teach really well together which is nice. When he's talking I can actually understand where he is going in his though process. I think he likes me as his companion a lot too. He's right up there with my favorite companions (at least so far, but I'll keep my fingers crossed)
I haven't had a chance to watch conference yet. We usually have to wait for the dvd to watch it. But I've heard really good things about it. I can't wait. The cool thing is that I get to watch it this Sunday because Elder Holland is coming to our mission to do our zone conference with us. That means I get to meet my favorite apostle. He's my favorite, but also one of the most intimidating. One of the last times that he came to our mission it was to send a ton of disobedient missionaries home. He lined them all up, shook their hands, looked into their eyes and separated them into three groups. One group he told that they were doing well, and to keep it up. The second group he told that they needed to straighten up and have interviews with the mission president. And the third group, he sent home. He discerned them by just looking into their eyes. It's going to be hard after hearing that story to look into his eyes. I am excited though.
It's been a good week thus far. I love and miss you all have an awesome week.
Elder Balmforth

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