Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1. 2012

My companion is leaving tomorrow. It's crazy. I thought I was going to be really excited, I still am, but I'm more scared than anything else. I love and hate transfers, because there is a change, but you never know whether that change is going to be a good one or a bad one. I really hope it's a good one. The worst part about it is that Elder Beenfield, who lives in my flat complex and shares a car with me, is going to be leaving too. Him and Elder Fraga are the best friends that I have here, so I'm glad that they are going to live near by when I go home too.
We only had one investigator at church this week, and we didn't get a lot of lessons taught either because Elder Hansen wanted to go around and get pictures with and his journal signed by a lot of the people in the ward here. We did get some promising new investigators though which is awesome. I hope it goes well with all of them. Just a side note, Jehovah's Witnesses are crazy people.
The only thing that I learned this week, happened as was pondering before I fell asleep one night. I was thinking about prayer, and I realized that I am thinking about it all wrong. I hear people say all the time, and I say all the time to my investigators that we need to actually "talk" to our Heavenly Father, but still I find myself praying in the same pattern, using the same vain repetitions and lacking the feeling and sincerity that make prayer what it needs to be. Sometimes I think that I fall into that trap because I feel bad because of how imperfect I am, and I find it hard to let my true feelings out. I have begun to try (I say try because I'm still not very good at it) and speak with Heavenly Father as I would my own, about things that I feel, things that make me happy and sad, things that I need help with, and things that I'm grateful for. That probably sounds like how everyone describes how to pray, but I think if we were all to imagine the relationships we have with our own fathers, and how much they care for us, imaging how much more your Father in Heaven is willing to patiently and lovingly counsel with.
Anyway, that's all. 
I love and miss you all.
Elder Balmforth

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