Monday, October 29, 2012

October 29.2012

Hello Family and Others,
This week was really cool. I finally got to meet Elder Holland. It was awesome, even though he was basically trying to scare us into never going less active in the church. It was cool though. It just catches you off guard a little bit when he's speaking softly and all of a sudden bursts into yelling. I got to shake his hand though and have him look into my soul through my eyes. And the best part is that he didn't send anyone home.
I also was able to see a bunch of my friends from around the mission on thursday also which was awesome. Especially Elder Fraga. He's awesome. He's like my favorite guy here. What makes it funny though, is that when I was at the airport in Salt Lake with all of the other missionaries departing, Elder Fraga was one of the missionaries that Uncle David pegged as a wiener. Little did he know that he was one of the coolest ones.
That was pretty much the highlight of my week. I did pay a kid ten rand to stuff an entire piece of pizza into his mouth, which doesn't sound too impressing until you know that the pizza was mayo pizza. It was pretty gross. But fun to watch.
The work wasn't too awesome this week. We did meet a few really awesome people. They didn't show up to church though, which sucks. Most of the week though we did a lot of contacting and met a ton of people that just wanted to argue and stuff which I hate. If only they knew what they were missing, but they won't give me a chance to say anything. They are all just content with the church they have, and they won't have anyone tell them anything contrary to it. It's pretty sad, but ok though. At least I'm doing my part.
I love and miss you all. I hope you have an awesome week.
Elder Balmforth

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